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We are "The Bergs" Rich, Brie, Roman, and Griffin. Rich is in the United States Coast Guard. The Coast Guard has sent us from coast to coast of the US. We've lived in Portsmouth, VA Clearwater, FL Marinette, WI Cheboygan, MI Key West, FL and currently Seattle, WA. We are always looking for ways to keep in touch with friends and family whom we miss very very much everyday. Love To All. The Bergs

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve we made our ginger bread houses. I think we will try to do it every year.

Griffin really got into it. This was the finished master peice.
Roman and Daddys finished ginger bread house.

The Christmas tree Christmas Morning after Santa came and before everyone was up.
Cookies for Santa. The boys and I laid out milk, but I guess Santa felt like a beer.
Note Santa left for the boys.
Time to open gifts!
Roman cleaned up when teh paper piled up.
Jet Transformer for Griffin.
Box of Dinosaurs for Griffin. He opened them almost first and played with them all morning.
Paint spinner kit for Roman
Pirate Puzzle
He loved the dinos
Roman got a United States Talking Puzzle. It says the name of the state, state capitol, and state moto when you press the state.
Buzz light year and woody was the only thing on Roman's wish list from Santa.
Walking, Growling dinosaur for Griffin.
Griffin's shopping cart was a big hit.
Rich made this really cool table for the boys. There are huge bug inside that can move around with magnets.
I took Roman shopping to get a gift for Griffin, he picked these fruit roll-ups.
Both the boys got imagination movers t-shirts.
Our neighbor got the boys this cool limbo game.
Bubble stuff for Roman. This was fun but I don't even wanna know what ingredients are in it. I was high for about a hour on christmas because of this stuff.... so was roman.
Dot markers for Griffin.
This car track thing was for both the boys.
For me, this was teh best part of the day. Our yummy dinner. Beef tenderloin, roasted red potatoes, stuffed mushrooms, and a spinach salad.
Well, that was our Christmas in a nutshell... Hopefully all of you had a happy Christmas also.


At January 5, 2010 at 5:02 AM , Blogger Havens Family said...

What a great Christmas! We also do a gingerbread house every year and this year it was a complete flop. But so fun! I can't believe how big the boys are getting.


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