The Bergs

We are "The Bergs" Rich, Brie, Roman, and Griffin. Rich is in the United States Coast Guard. The Coast Guard has sent us from coast to coast of the US. We've lived in Portsmouth, VA Clearwater, FL Marinette, WI Cheboygan, MI Key West, FL and currently Seattle, WA. We are always looking for ways to keep in touch with friends and family whom we miss very very much everyday. Love To All. The Bergs

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Birthday Sushi

I made these "sushi" cupcakes tonight for Rich birthday. Just wanted to share them with you.

The cakes are mini cupcakes
For california rolls mix coconut with white frosting. Top cupcake with frosting and wrap with colored fruit roll-up. The centers are made of jujji fruits (some of them i cut and then stuck together with other colors)
For the fish peice, i frosted the cake with white frosting and rolled around in white sprinkles and wrapped with a strip of fruit rollup. The fish is just a gummy fish.
Green colored frosting for wasabi, chocolate syrup for soy sauce, and cut up dried pineapple for ginger.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Griffin took his first steps!! Jan. 15 2009

The moment we've all been waitin for has finally come!

Griffin stood up in the center of the floor all by himself and took 4 steps! I had my back turned away and was startled when I heard Rich saying "whoa, whoa, WHOA!!" I quickly turned around to see the part when he fell to his bottom. After Rich told me what just happen, I was anxious to see it again, so we had him try again. These are the videos we got. They are not great, but these are truely his first few steps. Very exciting!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Great Moments.

Some really great moments of our Christmas in Missouri

Roman and I took a long long nap together. It was GREAT!!
Just Like Grandpa

Picked up this hat at the Duchmans Store in Cantril, IA.
Roman was pleased as punch with is cake from Santa
He had the Christmas spirit, and found it in his heart to share with Griffin. No one told him to give Griffin a bite.
I really loved watching Roman watch mom sew.

Aunt Andrea is a the best aunt any little boy could ask for.

Mom made Aprons for Andrea and I. I love it!

Griffin in Daddy's motorcycle goggles.

Griffin in Grandpa's reading glasses.

Grandpa Berg and Griffin.

Grandpa was the hero of the day for rocking Griffin to sleep. Honestly Griffin is not easy to rock to sleep, I've maybe only been able to do it a handful of times myself!

Griffin's face kills me in this picture. He loves that little puppy.


Mommy and Griffin Time.

Andrea and Evan.

Spaghetti and Meatballs??? Look Closer.... These are cupcakes! Mom just piped icing for the noodles and covered Roche chocolate candies in Strawberry jelly for the meatballs. Super Easy!
Everyone actually hesitated before eating these, they looked so real.

So close!!! He was on his tip tip tipy toes! Those cupcakes weren't fooling him, he new exactly what they were!

Dad playing with Griffin with a toy wrench. We would make funny noises and twist the wrench on Griffin's arms, legs, feet and ears. Griffin squealed with laughter!

The night before we left, Evan let Roman help him play the guitar. Evan was so patient and let Roman play the strings and probably mess with things he shouldn't. Roman thought it was really cool.

Family Pictures

Family Pictures Christmas 2008

Rich, Roman (age 3) Griffin (age 15months) Brie
Chad and Randi York

Brie and Andrea

Andrea, Chad, Randi, Brie

Evan and Andrea

The Whole Family

Family Picture 2008

How many takes does it take to get a.... just good enough family picture??
Come on Griffin... smile!

Lets see some eyes there, Brie!
Me saying, "oh, I blinked"
Not ready!

Where are we looking here?

Rich, who are you talking to?

Wait a minute...

This is getting a little ridiculous!

There, Good Enough!!!! Ta-DA... Family Picture 2008

Ice Storm Dec 18 2008 Missouri.

The night after we arrived in Missouri there was an ice storm. It literally rained ice. We listed to it tick-tick-tick against the house windows most of the night. By morning this was what it looked like at my parents house.

This is a chunk of ice that I broke off from the ground. It was almost 1/2 inch thick.

When the wind blew through the trees you could hear the ice cover cracking.

Everything little thing was incased in ice.