The Bergs

We are "The Bergs" Rich, Brie, Roman, and Griffin. Rich is in the United States Coast Guard. The Coast Guard has sent us from coast to coast of the US. We've lived in Portsmouth, VA Clearwater, FL Marinette, WI Cheboygan, MI Key West, FL and currently Seattle, WA. We are always looking for ways to keep in touch with friends and family whom we miss very very much everyday. Love To All. The Bergs

Friday, September 25, 2009

Rich was on the news!

Rich was interview for a piece on the local news show. Click on the link below or cut and paste it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Now that summer is offically over, I wanted to show some end of summer pics.

We enjoyed having my mom and dad here a few weeks ago. The boys are blessed to have such great grandparents.

Grandpa and the boys.

September 13, 2009

September 19, 2009, We went to the Puyallup Fair. Roman had a great time riding the rides. He was so brave!

Poor Poor griffy spend most of the time waiting at the exit for Roman because he was not tall enough to ride the rides. Next year buddy, I promise!

Tuckered out! On the bus from the fair back to where we parked our car. I tried to hold him, but he was comfortable just like this!

This one is for Aunt Andrea.

From camping in early august.

9-12-09 Boys' Seasame Street Birthday Party

We held a party in honor of Roman's 4th and Griffin's 2nd Birthdays. We had the Seasame Street themed birthday party at a park.

Cookie Monster, Big Bird and Elmo Cupcakes.
Balloons and treat bags.

The park we had the party at has a small scale running trians. This was the entertainment for the kids and adults.
Dad and Griffin at a nearby play area.
Roman with our huge Seasame Street character balloons
Griffin looking up at the balloons.
Rich grilled hotdogs for all of our guests.
2 of a kind!
Time for cake!

We had to stuff ourselves back in the car along with 5 huge balloons...
Where's Roman?

The boys played with new toys and the balloons for many days following the party.


The boys had there Birthdays in the past month and a half. Here are some pics. They had a co-birthday party that I will share pictures of in a separate blog entry. But these pics are from their actuall birthdays.

Pirate Cake per Roman's request.

Blowing out 4 candles
Smile for the camera!

Baseball Cake for Griffin.
It was rainbow inside.
Yum, it's great to be 2!

Roman's Birthday. 8-22 Griffin's Birthday 9-19